Services Offered

Psychology Anxiety Panic La Jolla San Diego I offer individual therapy, classes and seminars. My approach to therapy draws from cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness and acceptance-based approaches, positive psychology, and somatic psychology. I offer a variety of services that may be relevant to you, whether you are suffering from deep emotional pain or you’re just looking to get more out of your life.

Individual Psychotherapy

In one-on-one psychotherapy, I offer a place where you can be fully known and accepted. I provide you genuineness, respect, and honest feedback. I also share with you tools and education that can help you learn to take care of yourself and develop a healthy relationship with yourself and those around you. Because I value your time and energy, I closely monitor your progress to ensure that you are moving toward your goals at an effective rate. Individual psychotherapy provides you a unique opportunity for personal exploration and growth. Sessions are customized to your specific needs and interests. Learn more about my psychotherapy approach.

Meditation & Relaxation Group Classes

I have developed a class that incorporates breathing, relaxation, and mindfulness to help people maintain a regular practice of these powerful tools.
More info on Deep Relaxation classes.

Seminars & Workshops

I am available for presentations on a variety of psychologically-related topics, such as managing depression, decreasing anxiety, enhancing mind-body health, and developing optimal breathing habits. Please email me if you would like to be notified of upcoming events.