Psychotherapy Self-Help Worksheets

Mindfulness and Cognitive Therapy Worksheeets

AAA Coping Worksheet - This worksheet guides you through 3 A's for coping: Awareness, Acceptance, and Action. It provides a frameork for applying both acceptance and change approaches to psychological well-being. I highly recommend applying the steps in the order presented. Naturally, people want to skip the first two A's and go right to "Action." Be patient, implement Awareness and Acceptance first, and your Actions will be much more productive.

Mindful Cognitive Processing Worksheet - This worksheet is a special blend of mindfulness and traditional cognitive therapy. Excellent for navigating depressive and anxious episodes. Consult the books, "Mind Over Mood" or "Feeling Good" for more details on cognitive therapy.

Mindful Cognitive-Emotional Processing Worksheet - This worksheet packet breaks down in detail a process of incorporating mindfulness, cognitive restructuring, behavioral strategies, and somatic-emotional processing. If mindfulness and cognitive therapy are new concepts for you, this is the better place to start. Once you are familiar with the ideas, the other worksheets wil be more clear.

Somatic-Emotional Processing Worksheet - This worksheet guides you through a process for attending to emotions on an a very fundamental level. The underlying premise is that what our emotions most need is acknowledgement. Emotions (and the corresponding body sensations) are part of our self-regulating feedback loop to tell us what we need. So as long as we ignore them, they continue to call for attention. This simple method incorporates mindfulness principles and body awareness (somatic processing) to faciliate deep acknowledgment of our emotions.

Please email me if you have feedback you would like to share about how these tools are working for you. These are all works in progress.

Anxiety Treatment Worksheets

Anxiety Self-Monitoring Log and Fear/Avoidance Log - These worksheets are useful for assessing the nature of your anxiety. This is an important first step in a cognitive-behavioral approach to relieving anxiety as presented, for example, in "The Shyness & Social Anxiety Workbook" (Antony & Swinson).